Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

At we believe that providing a protected entertainment environment for all players is our top priority. Playing in a protected environment should be an exciting and entertaining experience for adults. We always encourage our customers to make use of our services with logic, prudence, responsibility and always depending on their financial capabilities. We take seriously under consideration our obligation to protect players from problematic behaviors and situations and we take the necessary measures to protect them, whenever any problematic behavior comes to our attention.

Responsible gaming at is based on three main pillars:

  • Customer Security
  • Safety of the game
  • Protection from addiction to gambling

Together with research centers, associations and therapeutic institutions, we are tackling gambling addiction and committed to a responsible, safe and credible framework for our games.In our effort to offer our users the ability to suspend access to gambling for a temporarily or indefinite period of time, depending on their choice, we provide the following features:

Our policy

Preventing Underage Gambling provides a secure entertainment environment for adults. For the use of our products, players must be at least 18 years of age.

At, we are doing extensive checks to ensure that no underage person has access to our online gambling offers. Players who enter with false or inaccurate information about their age will lose any prize they may have won - despite the validity of any betting slips or receipts - and such false or inaccurate information may result in civil or / and criminal action against these individuals.

In order to prevent access to our website by minors, we recommend that players install and use filtering software on any device that has internet access and which can be used by minors. This will allow players to control or block content displayed by setting passwords that will prevent access to our site and make our site unavailable to minors. Such filtering software is the following:

Stay Under Control

For the majority of our customer, they enjoy the products of as an entertainment experience and maintain their participation within financial limits to which they can cope.

However, gambling can become addictive and some players may be worried about their game habits. For these players, we provide the following questionnaire, which can give them the necessary guidance:

Betting Profile Test

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, gambling may have been a problem for you and we urge you to seek professional help and advice.

There is help available

Several organizations provide support and assistance to people with gambling problems. If you feel that this has happened to you, we recommend that you contact a self-help guidance agency. The following websites offer advice and guidance. Each link contains help lines and e-mail addresses where you can contact if you wish to receive confidential support and advice:

Manage your financial budget

For players who often enjoy gambling, it is sometime usual to exceed their financial budget. We advise gamers to set specific financial budget limits to ensure that gaming costs are affordable at all times. We offer our customers the ability to activate the relevant limits immediately. We provide the following features:

  • Deposit / Loss Limits: It is possible to set daily, weekly and monthly deposit and loss limits that apply from the moment they are set and last until you decide to change or remove them.
  • Time-out: it can secure a temporary lock on your account if you need a break or decide not to use our services for a while
  • Self-exclusion mode: can solve potential problems that may arise from gambling
  • Close Account Mode: You can close your account

To apply gaming limits on your account, please login and visit the Account> Responsible Gaming section or contact Customer Service to get the appropriate instructions.

Account de-activation

You may, at your discretion, restrict access to your account and / or exclude yourself from betting, either temporarily or permanently. To limit your access to betting and / or self-exclude, you should visit the Account> Responsible Gaming section or contact Customer Service to get the appropriate instructions. Temporary account closure and self-exclusion are directly applicable.